TAIS – Predicting Performance Under Pressure

Performing (well) Under Pressure is a key capability for all executive and many non executive roles.  Interacting well with others is also a key requirement for modern organisations. 

Until now, the tools that have tried to provide insight into these key capabilities have been limited and generally designed as personality profilers.  These limitations put organisations at risk when hiring, promoting or for succession purposes.

Selection without effective tools is a highly inexact process , especially when the candidate is not well known. Many people are selected just on the ‘‘performance’ they put on at interview, which often differs markedly from their default behaviour.

Key appointments (especially expatriates) are inevitably expensive and potentially risky exercises.

TriSigma can now help our clients significantly reduce risk and costs by predicting Performance Under Pressure and how well people will interact with peers, managers and their direct reports. We do this through the use of the TAIS Psychometric Inventory, which renders many of the ‘old’ tools redundant.

TAIS has been used in elite sports, the US Navy SEAL teams, Victorian Department of Treasury & Finance, the AFL, the Australian Institute of Sport, Cricket Australia, General Motors, Harley Davidson, US Drug Enforcement Agency field operations amongst others.

Ask yourself:

We can show you how applying the TAIS in ccombination with our other services can be a cost saving risk management exercise.

For more information on how the TAIS can help you see TAIS Executive Services & TAIS Client Toolkit