case studies

Significant Government Agency

the challenge - to translate another service firm's classification methodology into a practical and unique solution. The environment was highly industrialised and people had been able to achieve their own agendas through convenient interpretations of status and pay. By developing a thorough understanding of the client context and needs we developed an applied competence system that helped align the needs of management with those of staff and the union

Large Financial Services Firm Performance System

the challenge to align the corporations concept of performance effectively to the culture of small to very small subsidiary companies while supporting the succession planning requirements of both. We also had to align with existing capability building systems through the development of a new approach to performance management

Professional Services Firm Performance & Rewards

the challenge to assist this firm break through to the next level of performance in the face of resistance from a significant proportion of the long standing members of the ownership group, and to engage them in such a way that demonstrated the benefits to all of further change and a strengthening of accountability and objectivity in the measurement of contribution flowing through to reward