solutions & services

organisational performance assistance

We can provide you with a range of tailor made products and services to help you with your performance issues

workforce planning

Using proven diagnostic, forensic and design techniques, we help you identify the right structure, people, capacities and capabilities


We provide traditional facilitative, interests based mediation; and a variety of blended processes including investigations as appropriate designed to suit the specifics of the conflict situation and the requirements of clients and their protocols


We help your team understand what is expected of them and what drives superior performance for your organisation (more information)

workforce relations

Are you up to speed on current legislative changes? Are your shop floor relationships productive or adversarial? Do your first line supervisors have the required people management competence? Have you got the right agreements with your employees?

performance & rewards

Too many organisations don't get value from a significant investment in their remuneration and reward programmes. Our clients tell us our programmes work and add value to their business' bottom line (more information)


Retention and organisational performance is often about giving people the support they need to achieve their personal best. Our coaches have over 20 years experience in organisations like yours and as consultants and our clients say we make a real difference

predicting performance

Under Pressure was at best a hit and miss process, especially when we don't know the people well. We have now sourced for our clients the TAIS performance prediction tool, used by elite sports, the military and leading corporations to predict and target performance development (more information)

improving productivity via enhanced brain capacities

New insights from neuroscience are expanding our knowledge of both how our brain works and its subsequent impact on our behaviour. MyBrainSolutions Leadership Assessment [MBSLA] is an exciting development as it applies recent break learning in neuroscience to organisational performance improvement through improved brain health.